Cloudron for Business

Cloudron is the perfect business cloud platform for SMBs and Enterprises.

Ensure compliance, security and flexibility by hosting collaboration tools in the public cloud, your data center or on-premises.

Features you can rely on


Vertically scale your server and Cloudron will automatically adjust. Put resource limits on apps, to ensure mission critical ones never go down.


Automatic security updates together with full isolation between app instances ensures peace of mind. Cloudron even allows to enforce two-factor authentication.

User Management

Single place to manage your employees and collaborators. This decreases time and mistakes during on- and offboarding of members.


Zero friction integration of users into new apps, by attaching your Cloudron to an already existing LDAP or ActiveDirectory. Gone are the days where new members have to sign up at each individual service separately.

Apps for all use-cases

Effortlessly installed on your server with a few clicks

Website, Analytics and Blogs

For a complete online presence for your organization, including vistor insights, Cloudron has everything covered.

Email and Calendaring

Cloudron brings a full email solution, including account management, mailing lists, spam filtering and webmail clients. Having your own email server has never been easier.

Chat and Forums

Stay in touch with your customers through chat rooms, website integrated live-chat or community forums.

Files and Documents

Sharing and syncing files is an essential task. On top of that, Cloudron offers rich collaborative office solutions. You can see an office suite comparison in our blog to pick the right choice for your organization.

ERP and Marketing


Send newsletters and stay on top of potential leads and relationships with your customers.

Project Management

Modern tools make sure tasks get done and the team is able to collaborate always.

Ticketing and Surveys


Handle customer requests and support tickets in a structured and collaborative way.

Invoicing and Timetracking


Send out and manage invoices. Never lose track of the work hours as a freelancer or from your employees

What our users are saying

Running critical infrastructure and depending on the availability of volunteers when it comes to critical updates - not a brilliant idea. We are glad that we can now focus our energy on our members and main objectives instead of keeping an eye on the tools, thanks to Cloudron's built-in administrator.
Stefan Auditor
Chair German Drupal Association
The integration of our app into Cloudron worked like a charme. A really good documentation and experienced support people made this possible in very short time. We are happy to have Oxid esales on Cloudron.
Marco Steinhäuser
Community Manager
For years we have been using diverse FOSS collaboration tools for archiving & sharing files, discussion, and project management. For nearly as long we've been discussing the need of a central authentication. We are super happy to use Cloudron today. The search for an LDAP solution has come to an end.
Maik Derstappen
Executive board member
Within 5 minutes after entering the backup location details, everything (4 websites + Matomo + Searx) and all email (all together about 6GB) was in production on the new server including all DNS of all 17 domains.
Marcel C.
Head of IT
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