Version: 1.18.4
Required minimum memory: 1024MB
Last updated 6 Oct 2021

Recent Changes

  • Update NodeBB to 1.18.4

  • Full changelog

  • use unread icon in mobile (27e53b4)

  • cli user management commands (#9848) (d1ff3d6)

  • #9855, allow uid for post queue notifications (5aea6c6)

  • add userData to static:user.delete (f24b630)

  • closes #9845, sort by views (6399b42)

  • duplicate requireEmailAddress settings block to Settings > User (a964547)

  • mongodb driver 4.x (#9832) (07adb49)

  • a useless hover effect because raisins (1a61ffc)

This app packages NodeBB Version 1.18.4


A community forum allows you to engage and retain customers, keeping them interested and up-to-date with your latest product or service.

NodeBB integrates into your existing website and social media networks, allowing you to maximize your outreach and establish close relationships with your users.


  • Mobile Responsive
  • Internationalization
  • SEO
  • Social Integration
  • Real-time streaming
  • Analytics

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