Version: 4.4.2
Required minimum memory: 1024MB
Last updated 5 Sep 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update Mautic to 4.4.2

  • Full changelog

  • Do not embed images before the email is really sent. by @biozshock in #11362

  • Flip flipped locales. by @biozshock in #11364

  • Hide tooltips on keydown and wait for a user to stop typing. by @biozshock in #11383

  • Skip embedding a tracking pixel. by @biozshock in #11390

  • Fix: Email builders code editor allows to save after closing and reopening by @adiux in #11376

  • Implementing the RemoveUnusedPrivateMethodParameterRector Rector rule by @escopecz in #11232

  • Include into links tracking. by @biozshock in #11391

  • Fixing PHPSTAN issue with PHP8 on 4.4 branch by @escopecz in #11394

  • Fix property must not be accessed before initialization error by @ts-navghane in #11388

  • New segment test case by @escopecz in #11404

  • Fix gitpod for form submissions by @RCheesley in #11409

  • chore: Set permissions for GitHub actions by @neilnaveen in #11295

  • Copy to CC or BCC should send an email even if TO field is empty. by @biozshock in #11405

  • Show form validation errors if an integration is published or if the … by @shinde-rahul in #10539

  • Avoid api cache clear by @escopecz in #11420

  • Reverting PR 11353 that used wrong branch by @escopecz in #11373

  • Fix MJML issues with Brienz template by @RCheesley in #11356


Mautic is an Open Source Marketing Automation Software.

Marketing automation has historically been a difficult tool to implement in a business. The Mautic community is a rich environment for you to learn from others and share your knowledge as well. Open source means more than open code. Open source is providing equality for all and a chance to improve. If you have questions then the Mautic community can help provide the answers.

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