Version: 3.3.2
Required minimum memory: 1024MB
Last updated 22 Mar 2021

Recent Changes

  • Update Mautic to 3.3.2

  • Full changelog

  • Security issue

  • Fix company change audit log after modify contact #9770

  • Reduce ajax call for email count stats #9712

  • Search with wildcards #9679

  • Fix load filemanager from builder #9651

  • Bug lead graph report with company filters #9560

  • Remove duplicate index #9510

  • added css to center contact name in search result #9438 #4758

This app packages mautic 3.3.2.


Mautic is an Open Source Marketing Automation Software.

Marketing automation has historically been a difficult tool to implement in a business. The Mautic community is a rich environment for you to learn from others and share your knowledge as well. Open source means more than open code. Open source is providing equality for all and a chance to improve. If you have questions then the Mautic community can help provide the answers.

Ready to get started with the community? You can get more involved on the Mautic website. Or follow Mautic on social media just to stay current with what's happening!

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