Version: 12.1.5
Required minimum memory: 1500MB
Last updated 8 Jun 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update OpenProject to 12.1.5

  • Release announcement

  • Fixed: Order of work packages in XLS, PDF, CSV export differs from order in OpenProject [#34971]

  • Fixed: API notification error on work package query page [#40506]

  • Fixed: Custom fields in project settings not sorted [#41074]

  • Fixed: openproject configure removes configuration file(s) [#41292]

  • Fixed: Special Characters in Comments not "translated" in Activity View [#42194]

  • Fixed: Problems by using the timesheet [#42217]

  • Fixed: "hostname ... does not match the server certificate" after Update to 12.1.1 [#42304]

  • Fixed: Form configuration is accessible without EE token [#42398]

  • Fixed: "Project" is not translated in invite user modal [#42479]

  • Fixed: Provide a way to disable user status changes from LDAP user sync [#42485]

  • Fixed: Permission to avoid editing project overview page not working [#42732]

  • Fixed: SSO logout URL is ignored since upgrade to OpenProject 12 [#42735]

  • Fixed: Dutch translation additional project status on the project overview page [#42754]

  • Fixed: OpenID Connect providers can no longer be set via env [#42810]

OpenProject is a sophisticated project management application. Get your projects done with a multitude of features to support your teams.


Work packages

  • Organize your projects’ requirements, tasks, bugs, risks and much more
  • Assign responsibilities, keep track of due dates, see the change history
  • Configure your individual workflows


  • Easily track your project phases and milestones
  • Have customized timelines tailored to your needs
  • Easily track changes and dependencies

Agile and Scrum

  • Manage your Agile teams with digital backlogs
  • Support your Daily meetings with an online task board
  • See the sprint progress in a burndown chart


  • Document and share project information in a wiki
  • Embed attachments, such as images, and timeline reports
  • See the change history

Time and costs

  • Create and monitor your project budgets
  • Log time or units spent to work packages
  • Generate aggregated cost reports

More project collaboration software features

  • Share documents with integrated version control
  • Manage meetings with agendas and minutes
  • Communicate news within your projects
  • Discuss topics in project boards

Install OpenProject in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.