Cloudron for Web Hosting

Cloudron is the perfect platform for Web-hosters, Web Agencies and Content Managers.

Manage WordPress, Analytics and Email marketing tools in one place.

Features to simplify hosting websites

Fast app installation

1-click installation of 100+ apps with DNS and Let's Encrypt automation.

User Management

Central dashboard to manage your clients. Fine grained access controls to allow access only to specific sites.


Each site's code, database and cache is fully isolated from each other. Together with automatic security updates and the built-in firewall, this ensures peace of mind.

Email Solution

Modern solution with calendar, contacts sharing and self-training spam filter. Completely automated DKIM, SPF, DMARC setup for reliable mail delivery.

Deploy websites like never before

Effortlessly manage websites together with companion tools on your server



WordPress works great and it's easy to manage multiple instances. We have excellent tooling to stage, clone and migrate sites.



Stop relying on 3rd party hosted analytics. Provide your clients with GDPR compliant analytic tools they can trust their customer data with.

Email Solution


Cloudron has a full email solution, including account management, mailing lists, spam filtering and webmail clients. Running your own email server has never been easier.



A customer wants a fresh looking blog or knowledge base? No problem. Ghost, Grav CMS and others are just a click away.



Send newsletters and stay on top of potential leads and relationships with your customers.

Customer Live-Chat


Your clients stay in touch with their customers through websites with integrated live-chat.

Customer Support


Provide professional customer support using helpdesk solutions.



Build SEO-friendly discusion boards and self-service hubs using forum apps.

What our users are saying

Mitchell Urgero
Being able to just click an app and go is really just a life saver as I don't have real time to manage it otherwise.
Marcus Quinn
One of the most positive and proactive communities I've joined. It's my System Admin therapy group.
I'm happy I chose Cloudron as the sort of platform management tool because the amount of time Cloudron has saved me is crazy, and as a result I believe Cloudron easily pays for itself in time saved.
Joel S
Cloudron is THE "app store" for the web. It just works. Finally a phrase that's relevant for self-hosting also.
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