Your Own Personal Cloudron

Cloudron is the perfect personal cloud platform for the privacy minded self-hosting enthusiast.

Keep control of your data by hosting apps in your NUC, home server or any of your favorite VPS provider.

Apps for everything

Our app library has over 80+ stable apps.


Music, Videos and Photos. Sync, share and consume from your own collection.



Cloudron brings a full email solution, including account management, mailing lists, spam filtering and webmail clients.
Having your own email server has never been easier.

Personal Information


Have your contacts, calendars and even passwords manged and synced on your own server.


Keeping personal notes and collecting information in a structured way is provided by a multitude of apps. Each of them cover different use-cases and can cater to differen user behaviors how to collect and manage information.

Files and Documents

Sharing and syncing files with friends and family is an essential task. On top of that, Cloudron offers rich collaborative document handling.



Ad-blocking, VPN

Features you will love


Store encrypted backups to external storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces.


Cloudron has a built-in firewall and all events can be audited. Apps are run isolated from one another using Docker containers.


We push updates to both the underlying server and apps constantly after extensive testing, following upstream releases closely.

Dynamic DNS

When running your server on a home connection with changing IPs, Cloudron will ensure DNS records are always up-to-date.

What our users are saying

Mitchell Urgero
Being able to just click an app and go is really just a life saver as I don't have real time to manage it otherwise.
Marcus Quinn
One of the most positive and proactive communities I've joined. It's my System Admin therapy group.
I'm happy I chose Cloudron as the sort of platform management tool because the amount of time Cloudron has saved me is crazy, and as a result I believe Cloudron easily pays for itself in time saved.
Joel S
Cloudron is THE "app store" for the web. It just works. Finally a phrase that's relevant for self-hosting also.
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