Version: 1.21.0
Required minimum memory: 1024MB
Last updated 4 May 2021

Recent Changes

  • Project renamed from BitwardenRS to Vaultwarden

  • Renaming announcement

  • Update Vaultwarden to 2.21.0

  • Add support for enabling auto-deletion of trash items after X days, disabled by default

  • Updates to the icon fetching, making it more reliable in detecting icon types

This app packages Vaultwarden 1.21.0.


This is the Rust implementation backend, not the official server backend, but fully compatible with the Client apps.

Bitwarden is a self-hosted password manager. It allows you to store and manage your passwords, credit cards, and other private information in a secure way while still allowing you to access it from your browser, phone, or desktop.

Note on User Management: Bitwarden does not support Single Sign On. This is by design for security reasons. You must create a new password for your Bitwarden account.

By default it will allow open registration. This can be changed via environment variables at /app/data/config.env.

Client Apps

The official client apps from are all supported. In fact the webfrontend, packaged together with this app, is also the official one.

Clients can be downloaded at

Those apps are a lot of effort to maintain, so please consider supporting the upstream project.

Install Vaultwarden in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.