Version: 10.7.1
Required minimum memory: 1000MB
Last updated 22 Mar 2021

Recent Changes

  • Update Jellyfin to 10.7.1

  • SECURITY GHSL-2021-050 [@EraYaN] Fix issues 1 through 5 from GHSL-2021-050

  • #5559 [@cvium] Clean the entity name for non-words before searching

  • #5550 [@cvium] revert underscore as a multiversion separator

  • #5532 [@cvium] do not resolve episode-like files if they are in extras folders

  • #5518 [@crobibero] Add missing InstantMix endpoints

  • #5515 [@cvium] fix refresh endpoint

  • #5512 [@crobibero] Set openapi version to server version

  • #5510 [@BaronGreenback] Fix: Streaming crashing due to no deviceProfileId match.

  • #5504 [@crobibero] Add JsonStringConverter

  • #5500 [@crobibero] Fix third party integration

  • #5480 [@crobibero] Add SessionMessageType to generated openapi spec

  • #5476 [@EraYaN] Remove BuildPackage dependency for PublishNuget in CI

  • #5475 [@BaronGreenback] Null pointer fix in DLNA when its disabled.

  • #5461 [@cvium] fix multiversion eligibility check for complex folder names

  • #5457 [@cvium] Use distinct for AllArtists to avoid double refreshing

  • #5447 [@joshuaboniface] Remove Microsoft repo from install step

  • #5444 [@Ullmie02] Use FileShare.Read to fix HdHomeRun

  • #5431 [@cvium] Use imdbid as fallback in movie provider

  • #5428 [@cvium] Default to the searchinfo year, fallback to parsed year

  • #5403 [@BaronGreenback] Various DLNA Device Profile fixes

  • #5324 [@danieladov] Fix duplicated movies when group movies into collections is enabled

  • jellyfin-web#2503 [@thornbill] Fix default values for invalid config.json files

  • jellyfin-web#2502 [@brianjmurrell] Add BR: nodejs for Fedora 33 and up

  • jellyfin-web#2498 [@thornbill] Add close button to comics player

  • jellyfin-web#2496 [@thornbill] Allow logos without backdrops enabled

This app packages Jellyfin 10.7.1


Jellyfin is a Free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media. It is an alternative to the proprietary Emby and Plex, to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps. Jellyfin is descended from Emby's 3.5.2 release and ported to the .NET Core framework to enable full cross-platform support. There are no strings attached, no premium licenses or features, and no hidden agendas: just a team who want to build something better and work together to achieve it.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining us in our quest!

Install Jellyfin in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.