Self-hosting has never been simpler

Complete solution for running apps on your own server

Sysadmin Inside

Self-hosting apps is time consuming and error-prone. Keeping your system up-to-date and secure is a full-time job. Cloudron lets you focus on using the apps and not worry about system administration.

Timely Updates

We publish latest releases within days and security fixes within 24h for apps and the server via the Cloudron App Store. This makes maintenance of your private cloud hassle-free and cost effective.

User Management

Invite users and configure to which apps they have access to. Users can use the dashboard to find and directly open their apps. All in one place.

100% Portable

Cloudron's immutable infrastructure design allows easy migration of apps across servers. In fact, you can move your entire server along with all its apps to another cloud provider in no time.

Email Solution

Modern solution with calendar, contacts sharing and self-training spam filter. Completely automated DKIM, SPF, DMARC setup for reliable mail delivery.

Disaster proof

Cloudron has a built-in firewall and all events can be audited. Store encrypted backups to external storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces.

See how it works

Instantly install Apps

Easily deploy production ready apps from the Cloudron App Store. No more tinkering with Dockerfiles and manually provisioning databases.

Stay up-to-date

We publish latest releases and security fixes for apps and the server via the Cloudron App Store. This brings the convenience of SaaS style hassle-free updates to your private cloud.

Central User Management

Invite users and setup access control.
Users can use the dashboard to access their apps.

Email Solution built-in

Catch-All addresses, Subaddresses and tags, Per-domain mail relays, Cross domain email aliases, Delivery Logs, Custom Spam Filtering Rules.
It's feature packed and you are sure to love this one.

Recent App Updates

Having an up-to-date system through timely updates is core to our product. We put great effort into our app packages to deliver reliable, tested and reproducible updates. Especially for security patches so our user can have peace of mind.

1000's of organizations use Cloudron

Supercharge Your Server

Chat, Email, File Sharing, Git Hosting, ... Cloudron has apps for every occasion.

  Personal at home or any VPS provider
  Web Hosting at a regional provider or large scale datacenter
  Business on public cloud, your data center or on-premise
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