Version: 0.18.1
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 9 Sep 2021

Recent Changes

  • Backend 0.18.1

  • Fixed

  • Docs: Add another third-party tutorial link

  • Don't try to export items which do not have a parent

  • fix(deps): update commit hash to 6f6e228 (#970)

  • fix(deps): update commit hash to c212e73 (#971)

  • Fix exporting tasks from archived lists

  • Fix lint

  • Fix tasks not exported

  • Fix tmp export file created in the wrong path

  • Frontend 0.18.1

  • Added

  • feat: make it possible to fake online state via dev env (#720)

  • Fixed

  • fix: call to /null from background image (#714)

  • Fix data export download progress

  • fix: kanban-card mutatation violation (#712)

  • Fix missing translation when creating a new task on the kanban board

  • Fix rearranging tasks in a kanban bucket when its limit was reached

  • Fix sort order for table view

  • Fix task attributes overridden when saving the task title with enter

  • Fix translation badge

  • Dependency Updates

  • Update dependency @4tw/cypress-drag-drop to v2 (#711)

  • Update dependency axios to v0.21.4 (#705)

  • Update dependency jest to v27.1.1 (#716)

  • Update dependency vite-plugin-vue2 to v1.8.2 (#707)

  • Update dependency vite to v2.5.4 (#708)

  • Update dependency vite to v2.5.5 (#709)

  • Update typescript-eslint monorepo to v4.31.0 (#706)

This app packages Vikunja 0.18.1.

Think of Vikunja like the notebook you have with all your things to keep track of. But better.


Vikunja is an Open-Source, self-hosted To-Do list application for all platforms. It is licensed under the GPLv3.


  • Stay organized - Organize your tasks in lists, organize lists in namespaces.
  • Tasks - Tasks are not only simple tasks. You can let Vikunja remind you of tasks when they're due. Never miss an important deadline again!
  • Collaboration - Ever wished you could just share that grocery list with your roomate instead of having to send dozens of texts on your way to the supermarket? With Vikunja, you can. Simply share a list (or a namespace with all its lists) to another user. Don't want your roommate to add new things to the grocery list and only do the shopping? You can also share a list with read-only access!
  • Share links - You can share a list with a link so that others can directly see or edit all tasks on a list but don't need to create an account. Share links have all the same rights management as sharing with users or teams.
  • Labels - Effortlessly mark tasks with a colorful label to find and group relevant tasks with a click!

Install Vikunja in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.