Version: 3.13.15
Required minimum memory: 2048MB
Last updated 10 May 2024

Recent Changes

  • Update minio to 2024-05-10T01-41-38Z

  • Changelog

  • fix: unexpected credentials missing while passing (05/09/24)

  • remove references for MINIOSERVERURL (05/09/24)

  • add log-prefix name for specifying custom log-name (#19712) (05/09/24)

  • Revert "Fix incorrect merging of slash-suffixed objects (#19699)" (05/09/24)

  • fix: truncate Expiration to second when Add ServiceAccount (#19674) (05/10/24)

  • Fix incorrect merging of slash-suffixed objects (#19699) (05/09/24)

  • deprecate unexpected healing failed counters (#19705) (05/09/24)

  • pass around correct endpoint while registering remote storage (#19710) (05/09/24)

  • ldap-import: Add additional logs (#19691) (05/09/24)

  • results must be a single channel to avoid overwriting healing.bin (#19702) (05/09/24)

  • chore: use errors.New to replace fmt.Errorf with no parameters (#19568) (05/09/24)

  • upgrade to go1.22.x (05/09/24)

  • allow caller context during reloads() to cancel (#19687) (05/08/24)

  • grid: Fix a window of a disconnected node not marked as offline (#19703) (05/09/24)

  • Accept multipart checksums with part count (#19680) (05/08/24)

  • kms: add support for MinKMS and remove some unused/broken code (#19368) (05/08/24)

  • return appropriate error upon reaching maxClients() (#19669) (05/07/24)


Minio is a distributed object storage server built for cloud applications and devops.


Amazon S3 Compatible

Minio implements Amazon S3 v4 APIs. Minio also includes client SDKs and a console utility.

Minimalist Design

Minio is deeply influenced by minimalism. We believe that only simple things scale.

Apache License 2.0

Minio is free software, released under Apache license v2.0. Minio has an active developer and user community.

Lambda Functions

Minio triggers Lambda functions through event notification service. In addition Minio also supports simple queueing service for AMQP, Elasticsearch, Redis, NATS and Postgres targets.

Erasure Code & Bitrot Protection

Minio protects data against hardware failures and silent data corruption using erasure code and checksums. You may lose half the number of drives and still recover from it.

Written in Go

Go is an emerging language of choice for modern cloud infrastructure projects. Go language enables Minio to be highly concurrent and lightweight.

Install Minio in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.
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