Version: 0.12.1
Required memory: 256MB
Last updated 9 Sep 2020

What's new

  • Update Gogs to 0.12.1
  • [Full changelog](https://github.com/gogs/gogs/releases/tag/v0.12.0)
  • Support for Git LFS, you can read documentation for both user and admin. #1322
  • Allow admin to remove observers from the repository. #5803
  • Use Last-Modified HTTP header for raw files. #5811
  • Support syntax highlighting for SAS code files (i.e. .r, .sas, .tex, .yaml). #5856
  • Able to fill in pull request title with a template. #5901
  • Able to override static files under public/ directory, please refer to documentation for usage. #5920
  • New API endpoint GET /admin/teams/:teamid/members to list members of a team. #5877


Gogs (Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git service.

This app packages Gogs 0.12.1


The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way to set up a self-hosted Git service.


  • Activity timeline
  • SSH and HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • SMTP/LDAP/Reverse proxy authentication
  • Reverse proxy with sub-path
  • Account/Organization/Repository management
  • Repository/Organization webhooks (including Slack)
  • Repository Git hooks/deploy keys
  • Repository issues, pull requests and wiki
  • Add/Remove repository collaborators
  • Gravatar and custom source
  • Mail service
  • Administration panel
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and TiDB (experimental)
  • Multi-language support (15 languages)

Bug reports

Open bugs on Github

Install Gogs in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.