The Lounge

Version: 1.20.1-2
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 7 Apr 2024

Recent Changes

  • Update Lounge to 4.4.3

  • Full changelog

  • Sign in: use v-model (c5326e8 by @brunnre8)

  • Add comments explaining behavior when echo-message is not available (43a2b39 by @brunnre8)

  • Fix semver for prerelease versions #4744 (8aa5e33 by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: add migrations support and introduce primary key (2ef8b37 by @brunnre8)

  • test/link: use helper for url creation (c6b1913 by @brunnre8)

  • test/storage: use helper for url creation (79fae26 by @brunnre8)

  • Respect bind setting for all outgoing requests (3af4ad1 by @brunnre8)

  • bump emoji-regex to latest (ed0a47f by @brunnre8)

  • use shebang for generate-emoji script (1a1153a by @brunnre8)

  • Respect bind setting for all outgoing requests (2878f87 by @brunnre8)

  • store: use return type over a type cast (#4770 by @brunnre8)

  • don't crash on rDNS failure (8c54cd5 by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: fix typo fetch_rollbacks (884a92c by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: don't modify global array during tests (ec75ff0 by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: return new version in downgrade() (d1561f8 by @brunnre8)

  • cli: don't fail if stderr is not in json format (97f553e by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: use variadic function for serialize_run (60ddf17 by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: accept db connection string (aec8d0b by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: implement deleteMessages (14d9ff2 by @brunnre8)

  • introduce storage cleaner (74aff7e by @brunnre8)

  • cleaner: expose cli task to do cleaning + vacuum (21b1152 by @brunnre8)

  • wire up storage cleaner upon server start (b0ca8e5 by @brunnre8)

  • sqlite: add msg type index to speed up cleaner (edb1226 by @brunnre8)

  • add storage cleaner (7f0b721 by @brunnre8)

  • scripts: fix generate-config-doc, handle usage errors (#4807 by @flotwig)

  • router: don't use next() in router guards (#4783 by @brunnre8)

  • linkify: Add web+ schema support (ae6bae6 by @SoniEx2)

  • linkify: simplify noscheme detection logic (dd24cb1 by @brunnre8)

  • Add shortcut to navigate between channels with undread msgs (daabb76 by @Nachtalb)

  • Remove husky, add githooks-install (#4826 by @brunnre8)

  • Testing setup (#4825 by @brunnre8)

  • Remove Node.js 16 from package.json and testing matrix (113e9bd by @MaxLeiter)

  • server: remove version from CTCP response (45563d9 by @flotwig)

The Lounge is a web IRC client that you host on your own server.


  • Multiple user support
  • Stays connected even when you close the browser
  • Connect from multiple devices at once
  • Responsive layout — works well on your smartphone
  • .. and more!

Install The Lounge in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.
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