Version: 1.4.0
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 10 Apr 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update PrivateBin to 1.4.0

  • Full changelog

  • ADDED: Translations for Corsican, Estonian, Finnish and Lojban

  • ADDED: new HTTP headers improving security (#765)

  • ADDED: Download button for paste text (#774)

  • ADDED: Opt-out of federated learning of cohorts (FLoC) (#776)

  • ADDED: Configuration option to exempt IPs from the rate-limiter (#787)

  • ADDED: Google Cloud Storage backend support (#795)

  • ADDED: Oracle database support (#868)

  • ADDED: Configuration option to limit paste creation and commenting to certain IPs (#883)

  • ADDED: Set CSP also as meta tag, to deal with misconfigured webservers mangling the HTTP header

  • ADDED: Sanitize SVG preview, preventing script execution in instance context

  • CHANGED: Language selection cookie only transmitted over HTTPS (#472)

  • CHANGED: Upgrading libraries to: base-x 4.0.0, bootstrap 3.4.1 (JS), DOMpurify 2.3.6, ip-lib 1.18.0, jQuery 3.6.0, random_compat 2.0.21, Showdown 2.0.3 & zlib 1.2.12

  • CHANGED: Removed automatic .ini configuration file migration (#808)

  • CHANGED: Removed configurable dir for traffic & purge limiters (#419)

  • CHANGED: Server salt, traffic and purge limiter now stored in the storage backend (#419)

  • CHANGED: Drop support for attachment download in IE

  • FIXED: Error when attachments are disabled, but paste with attachment gets displayed

A minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.

What PrivateBin provides

  • As a server administrator you don't have to worry if your users post content that is considered illegal in your country. You have no knowledge of any of the pastes content. If requested or enforced, you can delete any paste from your system.

  • Pastebin-like system to store text documents, code samples, etc.

  • Encryption of data sent to server.

  • Possibility to set a password which is required to read the paste. It further protects a paste and prevents people stumbling upon your paste's link from being able to read it without the password.

Install PrivateBin in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.