Version: 1.11.0
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 5 Jul 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update Element to 1.11.0

  • Full changelog

  • Remove Piwik support (#8835).

  • Document how to configure a custom home.html. (#21066). Contributed by @johannes-krude.

  • Move New Search Experience out of beta (#8859). Contributed by @justjanne.

  • Switch video rooms to spotlight layout when in PiP mode (#8912). Fixes #22574.

  • Live location sharing - render message deleted tile for redacted beacons (#8905). Contributed by @kerryarchibald.

  • Improve view source dialog style (#8883). Fixes #22636. Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Improve integration manager dialog style (#8888). Fixes #22642. Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Implement MSC3827: Filtering of /publicRooms by room type (#8866). Fixes #22578.

  • Show chat panel when opening a video room with unread messages (#8812). Fixes #22527.

  • Live location share - forward latest location (#8860). Contributed by @kerryarchibald.

  • Allow integration managers to validate user identity after opening (#8782). Contributed by @Half-Shot.

  • Create a common header on right panel cards on BaseCard (#8808). Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Integrate searching public rooms and people into the new search experience (#8707). Fixes #21354 and #19349. Contributed by @justjanne.

  • Bring back waveform for voice messages and retain seeking (#8843). Fixes #21904.

  • Improve colors in settings (#7283).

  • Keep draft in composer when a slash command syntax errors (#8811). Fixes #22384.

  • Release video rooms as a beta feature (#8431).

  • Clarify logout key backup warning dialog. Contributed by @notramo. (#8741). Fixes #15565. Contributed by @MadLittleMods.

  • Slightly improve the look of the Message edits dialog (#8763). Fixes #22410.

  • Add support for MD / HTML in room topics (#8215). Fixes #5180. Contributed by @Johennes.

  • Live location share - link to timeline tile from share warning (#8752). Contributed by @kerryarchibald.

  • Improve composer visiblity (#8578). Fixes #22072 and #17362.

  • Makes the avatar of the user menu non-draggable (#8765). Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Improve widget buttons behaviour and layout (#8734).

  • Use AccessibleButton for 'Reset All' link button on SetupEncryptionBody (#8730). Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Adjust message timestamp position on TimelineCard in non-bubble layouts (#8745). Fixes #22426. Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Use AccessibleButton for 'In reply to' link button on ReplyChain (#8726). Fixes #22407. Contributed by @luixxiul.

  • Live location share - enable reply and react to tiles (#8721). Contributed by @kerryarchibald.

  • Change dash to em dash issues fixed (#8455). Fixes #21895. Contributed by @goelesha.


Element is for everyone, from casual chat to high powered collaboration. Communicate the way you want with Element - a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

Whether you’re a team, a family, a community.

Whether you’re after one-to-one chats, small private groups, big public ones.

Whether you want to be visible to attract more members, flexible to gather users across different entities and apps, independent and confidential to keep your privacy.

Or if you’re after all of these at the same time. Element is where you’ll feel at home. Join or create rooms per topic, per group, per event.

Decide the level of access control you want to provide (invite only, if one has the link, public), how visible the history should be. Create your own private communities to group your rooms by topic and filter them.

Dark theme or light theme - make Element your own!


  • Choose who you trust with your data
  • Share Files
  • Intelligent Notifications
  • Other Apps, Stickers, Widgets & Bots
  • Bridge other apps and networks
  • Open Source & Open Standard - Open source, and built on Matrix. Own your own data by hosting your own server.

Install Element in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.