Version: 2.15.2
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 14 May 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update SnappyMail to 2.15.2

  • Full changelog

  • Lost spaces in formated text after save and reopen #364

  • Header of cited plain text mails looks weird #366

  • Many folders break login (METADATA slow) #365

  • Wrong ini section of sieve_auth_plain_initial

  • Undefined $passfile

  • "Cannot enable STARTTLS" dh key too small #381

  • Web resources absolute path #379

  • Thread counter split in 2 lines #378

  • Replies lack In-Reply-To and/or References headers #370


SnappyMail is a Simple, modern, lightweight & fast web-based email client.

Mobile booting with ~144 KB download (using Brotli) and up to 99% performance grade by Lighthouse.

This is a fork of the much appreciated RainLoop, but with massive changes to be compatible with (mobile) browsers in 2020. Here's a short comparison.


  • Modern user interface.
  • Complete support of IMAP and SMTP protocols including SSL and STARTTLS.
  • Sieve scripts (Filters and vacation message).
  • Minimalistic resources requirements.
  • Direct access to mail server is used (mails are not stored locally on web server).
  • Allows for adding multiple accounts to primary one, simultaneous access to different accounts in different browser tabs is supported. Additional identities.
  • Administrative panel for configuring main options.
  • Really simple installation and update (the product is updated from admin panel).
  • Managing folders list.
  • Simple look'n'feel customization.
  • Extending functionality with plugins installed through admin panel.
  • Perfect rendering of complex HTML mails.
  • Drag'n'drop for mails and attachments.
  • Keyboard shortcuts support.
  • Autocompletion of e-mail addresses.


This fork of RainLoop has the following changes:

  • Privacy/GDPR friendly (no: Social, Gravatar, Facebook, Google, Twitter, DropBox, OwnCloud, X-Mailer)
  • Admin uses password_hash/password_verify
  • Auth failed attempts written to syslog
  • ES2018
  • Dark mode
  • Added option to remove background/font colors from messages for real "dark mode"
  • Removed BackwardCapability (class \RainLoop\Account)
  • Removed ChangePassword (re-implemented as plugin)
  • Removed POP3 support
  • Removed background video support
  • Removed Sentry (Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software)
  • Removed Spyc yaml
  • Replaced gulp-uglify with gulp-terser
  • CRLF => LF line endings

Install SnappyMail in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.