Version: 5.1.5
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 27 Jul 2021

Recent Changes

This app packages Koel 5.1.5

Koel (also stylized as koel, with a lowercase k) is a simple web-based personal audio streaming service written in Vue on the client side and Laravel on the server side. Targeting web developers, Koel embraces some of the more modern web technologies – CSS grid, audio, and drag-and-drop API to name a few – to do its job.

The Story of Koel

My laptop went out of disk space – thank you, Parallels. My phone has only 16GB of storage. And I still have a good 40GB of mp3 stored in my external hard drive. So I started looking out for an open source, or at least free, music streaming application that I can make use of. I found a few. Alas, none was good enough! In my desperation I asked myself this question: "Heck, why not build one?" And so koel was born.

And why "koel"? It’s the name of a bird who sings non-stop near my place back in Singapore.

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