Version: 1.7.5
Required minimum memory: 953MB
Last updated 16 May 2023

Recent Changes

  • Update Paperless-ngx to 1.14.5

  • Full changelog

  • Fix: respect permissions for autocomplete suggestions @shamoon (#3359)

  • Feature: owner filtering @shamoon (#3309)

  • Enhancement: dynamic counts include all pages, hide for "Any" @shamoon (#3329)

  • Chore: Upgrades Python dependencies to their latest allowed versions @stumpylog (#3365)

  • Enhancement: save tour completion, hide welcome widget @shamoon (#3321)

  • Fix: Adds better handling for files with invalid utf8 content @stumpylog (#3387)

  • Fix: respect permissions for autocomplete suggestions @shamoon (#3359)

  • Fix: Transition to new library for finding IPs for failed logins @stumpylog (#3382)

  • [Security] Render frontend text as plain text @shamoon (#3366)

  • Fix: default frontend to current owner, allow setting no owner on create @shamoon (#3347)

  • Fix: dont perform mail actions when rule filename filter not met @shamoon (#3336)

  • Fix: permission-aware bulk editing in 1.14.1+ @shamoon (#3345)


Paperless-ngx is an application that manages your personal documents. With the help of a document scanner (see Scanner recommendations), paperless transforms your wieldy physical document binders into a searchable archive and provides many utilities for finding and managing your documents.

Why This Exists

Paper is a nightmare. Environmental issues aside, there’s no excuse for it in the 21st century. It takes up space, collects dust, doesn’t support any form of a search feature, indexing is tedious, it’s heavy and prone to damage & loss.

I wrote this to make “going paperless” easier. I do not have to worry about finding stuff again. I feed documents right from the post box into the scanner and then shred them. Perhaps you might find it useful too.


Paperless-ngx forked from paperless-ng to continue the great work and distribute responsibility of supporting and advancing the project among a team of people.

Install Paperless-ngx in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.
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