Version: 0.91.10
Required minimum memory: 500MB
Last updated 15 Jun 2022

Recent Changes

  • Update NocoDB to 0.9.10

  • Full changelog

  • fix(sync): handle existing user on project by @mertmit in #2371

  • fix: sync duplicate column_name after sanitize by @mertmit in #2369

  • fix: treat decimal as double in mysql by @dstala in #2368

  • fix: exclude date1904 fix from csv quick import by @wingkwong in #2357

  • fix: delete project: in cache for disable shared base by @wingkwong in #2359

  • fix: make email case-insensitive by @pranavxc in #2376


NocoDB is an open source #NoCode platform that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet.


  • It is free & self-hostable. Let your imagination be thy limit
  • Create grid view, gallery view, kanban view and calendar view on top your data
  • Search, sort, filter columns and rows with ultra ease
  • Invite your team with fine grained Access Control
  • Share views publicly and also with password protection
  • Build automations with you favourite apps : Microsoft Teams Slack, Discord, Whatsapp, Twilio, Email & SMS
  • Provides REST & GraphQL APIs with Swagger & GraphiQL GUI

Install NocoDB in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.