Version: 0.41.2
Required minimum memory: 1536MB
Last updated 9 Nov 2021

Recent Changes

  • Update metabase to 0.41.2

  • Full changelog

  • Frontend crashes when opening admin database permissions page (#18829)

  • Cannot access Notebook for questions that uses a Custom Column as joining column (#18818)

  • Requests to GET /api/card/123 is making slow queries on larger instances (#18759)

  • BigQuery can cause conflict with some column names like source (#18742)

  • "Verify this question" button is shown even when content moderation feature is not enabled (#18740)

  • New BigQuery driver with "Project ID (override)" defined causes different Field Filter references (#18725)

  • Dashboard subscription send by Email fails with xlsx attachements (#18724)

  • Textbox markdown links on images difficult to click (#18641)

  • Some questions with old field dimensions or changed columns cannot be viewed, because of Javascript loop (#18630)

  • Multi-column join interface defaults binning for numeric fields causing incorrect results (#18589)

  • Sandboxing queries fails with caching is enabled (#18579)

  • Changing redshift db details leads to closed or broken resource pool (#18499)

  • Audit visualizations does not show correct information, when there's more than 1000 aggregated dates (#17820)

  • "Set up your own alert" text needs padding (#17701)

This app packages Metabase 0.41.2.


Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

Ask your own questions

  • Explore on your own - Easily summarize and visualize your data without ever writing a line of SQL or having to wait on a coworker.

  • Quick and easy lookup - Browse or search through your tables, then filter things down to find just what you need.

  • Visualize results - Move from your data to beautiful graphs and charts with just a few clicks.


  • Pulses - Schedule and send charts or results to your team via email or Slack
  • Dashboards - Let everyone on your team create, organize, and share beautiful collections of visualizations and data.
  • Open source and constantly improving.

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