Version: 1.22.0
Required minimum memory: 2048MB
Last updated 18 Feb 2024

Recent Changes

  • Update Rallly to 3.6.1

  • Full changelog

  • Updated layout by @lukevella in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/976

  • Add form validation feedback by @lukevella in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/998

  • Listen on all interfaces when running in docker by @kolaente in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/1015

  • Add plain text version for each email by @lukevella in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/1005

  • Update input and focus styles by @lukevella in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/1012

  • Allow user to customize the sender name for mails by @bmaster001 in https://github.com/lukevella/rallly/pull/1023

  • Fixed an issue that caused redirect to login to fail when accessing the polls page.


Self-hostable doodle poll alternative. Find the best date for a meeting with your colleagues or friends without the back and forth emails.

Install Rallly in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.
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