Version: 0e225d6ec4
Required minimum memory: 256MB
Last updated 17 Feb 2021

Recent Changes

  • Use base image v3

  • Update PHP to 7.4

This app packages Astral Version 0e225d6ec4.

Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease

Astral is the best way to manage your starred repositories on GitHub using tags, filters, notes and a powerful search feature.

Your GitHub Stars. Organized.

Astral pulls down all of your starred repositories from GitHub, and allows you to organize them using a simple & intuitive tagging system.


  • Simple tagging system
  • Rule-based filters
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Readmes at a glance
  • Jot down notes
  • Free & open source

Install Astral in a few minutes on your server with Cloudron. To install Cloudron first, follow our setup steps.